Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's not raining anymore!

What a wacky season.

I don't mean to play the part of the perpetually-kvetching farm hand, but this weather has been really strange. With all that rain, it seems like the plants we put in the ground just sat there for a while, wondering if growth was even worth it. Some of the seeds we planted washed away and some of the transplants we put in the ground pleaded to be taken back to their temperature- and moisture-regulated greenhouse.

Essentially, it's been soggy and less-than-ideal.

However, we clung to God's promise that he'd never again flood the earth, and as always, he kept his word :) Within the past few weeks of sunshine, the okra plants have doubled in size, and tomato plants have started to bear gorgeous fruits, and all the plants have made use of the strong sunshine and have been busy growing and photosynthesizing. It's a beautiful thing.

So maybe I should have believed Annie when she said "the sun will come out tomorrow" (or maybe the next day, or maybe a week from then…but it will come out eventually).

While the garden has not been as abundant as it has been in the past, most of the plants have recovered from the deluge and are doing as well as can be expected. There's always a reason to give thanks!


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