Monday, September 29, 2014

21: Alliance Garden Harvest Party Week

Patrick spraying down the cider press

Waiting for face painting
One of the many pumpkin carvings
 Another successful Harvest Party has came and went. We are so glad for those that were able to join us. It was a beautiful day to be outside. People were playing games, picking vegetables and fruit, braving the bees to get some delicious apple cider, and even getting some of their faces painted. What is great about the Harvest Party is that so many different people can come together to enjoy an event put on by so few people. There were young families, students, neighbors, friends, and family all in attendance. I saw many people that came again since our last party and many more new faces. Some stayed for a little bit others stayed for hours.

Ladybug on okra
Kayla popping corn
This year we had about 100 show out for the day. This was less then I had imagined would come but very manageable and it felt more personal. I could speak to more people one on one about what we did here at the gardens and hear the stories they had about their own experience with food. For some this was the first time they were exposed to food that did not come from a store. They had never participated in a sack race or bobbed for apples. Being able to provide new experiences and new ways of seeing the world while maintaining a safe environment to experience these things is a very cool opportunity that I and the interns are blessed in having.

Cider press
Kayla showing how it is done
I want to thank Kayla for doing much of the calling and set up that an event like this requires as well as being out with me all day. Thank you to the interns Josh, Patrick, Hannah, and Katie for all the work you did in preparation for the event as well as keeping the gardens going. Thank you all for following instructions even as I was not sure which course of action was best. Thank you for our volunteers who came and weeded so I would not have too. Thank you to Grace for giving guidance and an awesome popcorn popper.

Giving garden tours
Harvest party free pick
We will still be selling produce in the mall way for donations all of October. I was wrong in saying that last week would be the last week. You can also buy Alliance Garden shirts for 5 dollars. They are great shirts for when work gets dirty.

Zach Arington

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