Friday, May 9, 2014

Week 1: Welcome back to the Alliance Garden!

This week ended the beginning of what is shaping up to be a great summer for the Alliance Garden. We have two full time interns as well as 2 part time and even an Assistant Manager!

38th Street
They are wonderful people and I am excited to get to know them. We have cleaned up the gardens and trimmed back trees and bushes so that they can produce the most fruit that they can. We have made ourselves some worm bins to compost our organic matter faster and mulched the garden at 46th.

Katie posing in her nice hat
Hannah took all these pictures and we don't have any of her! And she is in Ireland for May!...Shoot

Patrick cutting tire gardens
46th st
38th is taking longer because it still needs to be tilled by facilities and they are a bit busy this week. We were still able to start making it look better with a new sign and some painted tire gardens. Hopefully the parsley, flowers, and amaranth will look nice as they pop out.
Patrick measuring rows
Kayla figured out how to do it super easy. Thanks Kayla!

Our Work Truck!
46th received plenty of care as there was less we could do at 38th st. and it is looking awesome. Kale, onions, spinach, lettuce, and swiss chard are all planted in different plots that the interns designed. We also have an awesome red work truck to haul things this year. An incredible blessing since last year my Honda Accord had that job title.

compost at 38th
 We are helping Tucker vocational school's culinary students learn to plant this spring that way they can use food they grew themselves in dishes. We are benefiting by getting to use there awesome greenhouse that is housing tomatoes, squash, zinnias, eggplant, and cucumbers that we will transplant later this summer. We will again be helping Victory Acres and Marion community gardens. Both of these groups have incredible missions and we are happy to help and learn in whatever way we can. This blog will be updated weekly and we hope that you will follow our journey these next 6 months. God will be doing amazing things and we are thrilled to be apart of what He has in store!
Josh placing stakes

Kayla planting
Zach Arington
Garden Manager

myself watering like a pro

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  1. Looking forward to the updates throughout the summer.