Friday, October 18, 2013

Pictures of Harvest Party

Leslie, Heather, and Sydni pressing cider

Some students picking in the garden

Dr. Newman and his wife learning about the garden from Grace

Sydni popping corn

Not the moment when the popper caught fire

Monna Black face painting

family from Victory Acres CSA pickup


Pumpkin carving

This was a major hit

Our photographer with friends

Some finished works

Some cornhole and ladder golf playing

Monna does great work

Dr. Newman notices he is getting his picture taken

Alyssa with some teachers

Alyssa is glad you all could make it!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Recap of the Harvest Party

The Harvest Party this past weekend went fantastic. Thank you all for showing up we had an estimated 300 people come out from IWU and the surrounding community. This is over double the amount of people of last year. There were pictures taken and they will be up later on. (My photographer has finals this week). We had apple cider that we ground and pressed all day. It went better then last year but still room for improvement. (The yellow jackets were incredibly happy however.) Pumpkin carving went well as all of our pumpkins were used and there were lots of them. Sack races and games were a hit as well as our garden tour done by Sydni. Special thanks to Monna Black for her excellent face painting booth. You can check those out at

Grace and I also got interviewed about the garden for the IWU TV station and will link that when that is finished.

Thank you for by garden interns: Sydni, John, Alyssa, and Paige, the LLC girls:Kayla, Autumn Joy, Allie, Sara, and Meagan, Victory Acres: Leslie and Heather, Taylor garden manager Armala, CCA Kaley, my wife Kate, and of course Robert who volunteered the whole day just because. You guys were such a major help all year not just at the party and Grace and I are so proud of you.

We are winding down now as it will mostly be planting cover crop, harvesting, and getting things in order for winter.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Harvest Party

It is finally here folks. This Saturday from 2-8PM the 2nd annual Harvest Party will be held at our

46th street garden. No this is not the harvest party that is really Halloween that some people have

confused it with. (You can dress up though I do not mind.) We will be having apple cider pressed on

site from the apples that are grown at 46th street. (I could stop there since that is what most people

are excited about). Popcorn grown and popped by us, garden tours, face-painting, pumpkin carving,

sack races, lawn games, and door prizes. You will also be able to pick from our garden and keep

whatever you want. This is a major day for the gardens and we pray for sunshine which it is looking

good as of now. I hope all you readers can make it out. I really think it will be lots of fun.