Monday, September 9, 2013

Taste of Marion/ Wednesday Produce Sale

For three weeks now John Chapman and I have had a booth in the Student Center giving away our produce, asking for donations, and promoting the Gardens. We are there Wednesdays from 11AM to 1PM. It has been a great experience as we can show the students and faculty just how good of a summer it has been. The people that come by have been extremely generous and usually love our produce. All of the produce we do not sell is sent to St. Martins on Branson St. and 9th. They take all of it and it has been so neat seeing that this food can be a blessing and nothing goes to waste. This past Friday was the Taste of Marion. We almost missed out on this great opportunity for promotion due to a communication mix up. But God is good and He continues to take care of us. We gave away tomatoes and handouts for the Harvest Party on October 12th from 2-8PM.
Our promos for CCA and LLC

Flyers that will be put in businesses around town

Do not have a camera right now so pictures might be few for awhile
We started off with two hundred and ran out in the first hour, a good problem to have. We got more and gave out another hundred before the day was over. We are all excited for the Harvest Party and want as many as we can get to come out.

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