Saturday, September 14, 2013

LLC Help

As school has started up our interns are not able to come out and help with the gardens as often. Luckily we have a partnership with the Living Learning Community. This is a new project that the school is working on where students live in a house together and focus on living sustainably and building community. The girls live in the house that Paige, Sydni, and Alyssa lived in earlier and they come out for a few hours to help with our gardens.
Autumn Joy, one of the girls of the LLC
Like myself they have not had lots of experience but they are excited and willing to help.

Kayla Johnson helping out
 Kayla Johnson is in charge of the house and will be a great mentor for these girls. You will be seeing them helping out at our Harvest Party October 12th from 2PM to 8PM at our 46th st. garden.

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