Friday, August 30, 2013

State of the Garden Address

The last time whole-garden pictures were posted, we were celebrating the seedlings which proved that our hard work had not been in vain. So much has transpired since then that the garden looks completely different! Both gardens are doing very well and producing more than we can eat, and a quick walk-through makes it apparent that God's hand has been on both gardens this summer, and that he has richly blessed this internship!
The 38th St. Garden from the perspective of the zucchini.

The 38th St. garden again - would you believe the corn and pumpkins are even BIGGER now?!?!?!

The 46th St. garden - enough swiss-chard to feed Grant county! Our green beans are doing well too; we have been sharing with Victory Acres.

Beans - wax, lima, purple and green beans, and edamame. The amaranth is doing well too. Not pictured, we have TONS of tomatoes, many types of peppers, onions, carrots and melons! Such an exciting time!
School will be starting soon on IWU's campus and, hopefully, garden tours! I can't wait to show everyone the beauty that has come of this summer!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Good Problem to Have

We have a funny problem in the garden; there is too much produce!!! We have been abundantly blessed this summer with our bountiful crop, and the only trouble we have had is trying to find homes for it all. What a wonderful way to meet the neighborhood! Walking around with a wheelbarrow, going door-to-door, and offering for free the veggies we harvested that morning is one of my (Sydni's) favorite parts of gardening. The people are so appreciative, and we have made many new friends. Another plus: if we did not give away the produce, it would go bad before we could eat it! I am so glad we get to see others enjoy what God has blessed us with!
Did you know that zucchini can grow up-to an INCH a DAY!?!?!?! Fortunately, Marion Indiana loves their zucchini!