Thursday, July 11, 2013

MidSummer Update

We can not believe that July is here and in full swing! This time of the summer we easily could be hurting for rain but we have been so lucky. We have had a really great amount of rain to keep everything growing. It also keeps the weeds growing like crazy.

With everything in the ground we are now starting to harvest and work on some other projects. This week we learned how to shingle a roof. (Look forward to a blog post about that in a little while).

One cool thing that this internship allows us to do is alter it a little bit to meet specific interests. For example, I (Paige) am still working the CSA pick up. Sydni has been working on painting signs stakes for the gardens. Alyssa has been spending time at Victory Acres with a woman who is passionate about herbs and is teaching Alyssa all about them.

It is now time to start thinking about fall crops!

Melons in the front of this picture!

Some little tomato's are coming in!

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