Monday, July 22, 2013

Fruit Trees

We are blessed to have multiple fruit trees on campus. However, these poor trees have been neglected for many years. They are over grown, and confused. That is another thing we are learning how to care for. We are learning how to pune, and thin and retrain fruit. For me this is one of the tasks that reveals biblical truths. Chapter 15 in the book of John talks about how we are the branches and Jesus is the vine and God is the gardner. It talks about bearing fruit, abiding, and pruning. Check it out! It is definitely one of my favorites.
We have a lot of apples at both gardens.

We have peaches we think.
These are the grapes at the 38th Street Garden

We have pears.

As you can see we will have our hands full with fruit tree care alone. I am so excited to see this fruit grow and then to finally be able to harvest it!

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