Monday, July 22, 2013

Canning Workshop

This past week we had our second workshop of the summer. The lady interns of the IWU gardens hosted it in our house. We had our garden friend Robert Sharp come and teach us. He knows a ton about canning and pickling. Like the last workshop we had some people from victory acres, everyone from our garden, and some of the Taylor garden interns. Of course we picked one of the hotest days of the summer to do this very hot workshop. I personally had always heard that canning was a very hot project but now I really understand. We had to turn off our air conditioning because I guess if the hot glass gets a cold burst of air it can shatter. 

Anyways, last week we worked hard to gather items to can. We decided to make apple butter from apples that had fallen off one of our apple trees. We also used green beens and cucumbers.
The veggies.
Apple Butter

Empty jars at the start!
Robert getting things started on the stove.
The class.

This workshop was awesome. Robert was a great teacher and it is such a smart way to save food from the garden for the rest of the year. The process has definitely stood the test of time. Thank you Robert and everyone who joined us for the workshop!

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