Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And the Learning Continues

If there is one thing we value in this experience this summer it is learning. It seems like we are always learning in different ways which is great. Last week we had the privilege of hosting a little workshop here at IWU. Dr. Miller led the workshop on vermiculture. The use of vermiculture in gardens/farming has incredible benefits. It is a great alternative to regular composting because it really speeds it up. If you are unfamiliar with vermiculture it is the use of worms to break down compost that can be used to increase the nutrients in the soil. Dr. Miller teaches this as a lab in her crops and society classes and has seen it in action in many countries as well.

Those in attendance were the IWU interns, the Taylor University garden interns, and the Victory Acres staff. Participants even got their own vermiculture starter boxes to take home. It was a really great way to learn together in that community. We are looking forward to more workshops over the summer.

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